Middle School

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*Animal Science 6th-8th

Tutor: Marissa Federico  Email: roundedemail   

Drama 7th-12th  

Tutor: Kellie Welch  roundedemail  & Bonnie McKinley roundedemail

*Human Body 6th-7th

Tutor: Nicole Henry  Email: roundedemail

Integrity Matters 6th-12th

Tutor: Darnela Kenton  Email: roundedemail

*International Discoveries 8th-10th

Tutor: Amanda Young  Email: roundedemail

*Intro to Lit 8th-9th  WAIT LIST ONLY

Tutor: Kristen Weddle  Email roundedemail

Maker Club 5th-7th  FULL

Tutor: Katie Webster  Email: roundedemail

Mini Cakes 8th-12th  (Fall Only)

Tutor: Ruth LaMarr  Email: roundedemail

*Spanish 1  7th-12th

Tutor: Mrs Papanicolau

*Spanish 2  8th-12th

Tutor: Mrs. Papanicolau'

*The Kingdom of Arrethrae 5th-8th

Tutor: Robin Gault Email: roundedemail

*World Geography 8th-9th

Tutor: Bonnie McKinley Email: roundedemail

*Writing Skills 7th-8th  WAIT LIST ONLY

Tutor: Kristen Weddle  Email:roundedemail